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Waurika reinstates city manager: put on administrative leave

WAURIKA, Okla._Chuck Brown has been reinstated as the city manager but even so, as of Monday afternoon the city still appointed someone else to take his place.

Last Monday Brown was terminated for unknown reasons, and then on Thursday he was renamed Waurika's city manager and immediately placed on administrative leave. After the bizarre chain of events, city commissioners decided hold a special executive meeting to discuss the issue.

The circumstances surrounding Brown's termination and reinstatement are still a mystery but Mayor Jim Bernard says appointing an acting city manager for now is the best possible move for the city of Waurika.

"I call to order this special meeting of Waurika City Commission this day, March the 10th of 2014."

It was a meeting designed for two purposes: to designate an acting city manager and a new assistant city manager for the city of Waurika.

"We hired Brad Scott as our acting city manager. That's just a temporary job," said Waurika Mayor, Jim Bernard.

When asked about where Brown is now, they declined to answer.

"That's on the advice of our legal counsel. I can't really say," said Bernard.

But Mayor Bernard assures that Scott's appointment was right for Waurika right now.

"You can't run without a leader, we have to have someone here who can make decisions on a day-to-day basis. It'll keep us going until we can make a determination on chuck's future. Whether we keep him or you know, let this be permanent," said Bernard.

There's no timeline on when the decision on Brown's future will be made. In the meantime, he is on paid administrative leave with Brad Scott taking over city duties part-time. Commissioners announced that Nancy Blummell will be Waurika's newest assistant city manager as well. Commissioners plan to meet again at Waurika's next city council meeting on April 6.

We also tried calling chuck brown's cell phone but it went straight to voicemail.

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