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Family and co-workers remember Johnny Allen

LAWTON, Okla._Lawton police are continuing to follow leads as they search for the man behind the city's seventh homicide.

The victim, Johnny Allen, was gunned down in a northwest Lawton motel room Friday night during what police believe was a botched robbery attempt. The only eyewitness to the crime says a man with a scarf covering his face walked into the room with a gun and demanded money. But the two men fought back and it's during that struggle that Allen was shot multiple times.

People who have known Johnny for years are still in disbelief that he is dead and that he was killed in such a violent manner. Allen was staying at the motel on a work trip for his company, Rock Haulers. He and a co-worker were sitting inside their room with the door open when the night took a terrible turn. Now his friends and co-workers are doing all they can to cope.

His truck now sits empty in the company lot, a driver's seat that his boss, Brandon Covington, says will be hard to fill.

"You have to miss Johnny. A personality like his leaves a great big void. He was the guy that would stay late, and show-up early, whatever it took to get the job done, that's what Johnny would do. Also I lost my very best driver. He is the best driver in the country," said Covington.

Johnny had worked for Rock Haulers since 2007 and lived in Oklahoma his whole life. The news of his death is still hard for his brother Danny to take.

"He was a super good guy. I want people to think positive about him," said Allen.

He said that his brother was not the type to be targeted for such a violent crime.

"He would rather help somebody than hurt somebody. He would give a guy his last dollar," said Allen.

While his brother traveled a lot for work, they talked almost everyday and now he doesn't know what he will do without his constant support.

"He was there for me all the time. It didn't matter where he was at, if I needed him, he would be there," said Allen.

Police said that as of Monday, no arrests have been made in this case. The only eyewitness described the suspect as a black male, about 5'9" and with a thin build. One suspicious man was taken into custody Friday night while police searched for the suspect but they are not releasing if he was connected in anyway.

Lawton police did confirm today that they have no reason to suspect foul play when it comes to Johnny's roommate who was not injured during the fatal shooting.

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