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Walters toddler overcomes brain tumor

WALTERS, Okla_Austyn Lawler is a brave little girl from Walters.  A few months ago a brain tumor was found, and since then it's been a myriad of tests, treatments, and surgeries.

Through all of that, she is still here, smiling and laughing with her parents who do all they can to make sure she makes it through this tough time.

Around thanksgiving Jake and Selena Lawler started noticing something was wrong with their daughter, Austyn.  She suffered from severe headaches and started behaving differently.  Her dad explained, "She got to where she was walking like she was drunk and to step over a step at our house that big, she got down and crawled over it,"

They had enough and decided to take her to the emergency room.  It was there that doctors found a giant brain tumor.  Her dad, Jake, said it was, "bigger than my fist, it was big, grapefruit sized."

Since the discovery, Austyn has undergone two brain surgeries to get rid of the tumor.  The battle filled with numerous procedures and doctor's appointments has been tough time on the whole family.  "I think the toughest thing is seeing her after her first brain surgery, seeing her there so helpless and not being able to hold her, and take it away," said her mom, Selena.

But now she is doing better, but is still having to go through chemotherapy.   It's tough on her and her family, but they try to have fun with it.  Austyn even  named her tubes that she gets her chemo  medication through.  She named them "Tangled" and "Pascal."

It is easy to see just how tough Austyn is, and her parents don't have any doubts that she will only continue to get better.  "I know she is going to make it because she is tough, she is stubborn, she is his child," said Selena.  Jake said, "She has too many people praying for her."

All of these treatments can be quite expensive.  If you want to donate you can visit Walters Bank and Trust, and mention Austyn Grace Lawler and they can help you.  There is also a Paypal account which you can find on the Facebook page "Pray for Austyn Grace Lawler."   

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