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OSBI continues to investigate officer-involved shooting

LAWTON, Okla._One day after a man was shot and killed by a Lawton Police Officer, new information could prove the shooting was justified.

Monday, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said a gun was found at the crime scene. Sunday morning, police responded to a vandalism call near southwest 41st Street and Park Ridge Boulevard. When police arrived, they knocked on a front door but no one answered.

Seconds later, a man opened the door and an officer screamed "gun, he has a gun!" and opened fire, killing 47-year-old Daniel Martin.

Not only was a gun found at the scene, OSBI says that officers heard what they believe to be a gunshot go off inside the home just minutes before they made contact with Martin. That's just one of the things OSBI clarified when it came to the details surrounding the shooting.

OSBI Special Agent-in-Charge, Richard Goss, says his agents are still working to piece together exactly what happened Sunday morning. Goss says police made contact with Martin just after midnight when he called LPD to report an unrelated larceny.

"Ironically, instead of sending an officer out to take an offense report, a police officer took the information via telephone," said Goss.

Ten minutes later, Martin would call back reporting an ongoing act of vandalism in his driveway. Four officers responded to the call but when they tried to call Martin they found out he gave the dispatcher the wrong phone number. And as officers continued to check the area they heard a gunshot go off inside the home.

"At that point, they immediately approached and knocked on the door and identified themselves as police officers. They received a response from inside to come inside but the door was locked," said Goss.

That's when they heard someone approaching the door from inside. Martin came out and reports indicate that he was carrying a gun when he exited the residence.

Goss is unable to say at the time if the gun was ever pointed at police or if the gun was loaded. However, he did confirm it was later found at the scene by his agents.  

The investigation continues as OSBI looks at evidence and witness statements to determine what led up to shots being fired.

"Witness information is critical, obviously in an officer-involved shooting, the officers themselves. Their information is critical into what they saw, observed and the actions that they took," said Goss.

Monday, Lawton police also released the names of the two officers involved. They are Anthony Edwards and Eli Garcia. Garcia was cleared to return to duty last July after shooting an armed man at his home near northwest 39th and Santa Fe when the man opened the door and pointed a pistol at him. Both Edwards and Garcia will remain on paid leave until the conclusion of the investigation.

Once the OSBI completes their investigation, and Goss couldn't say how long that will take, all findings will be presented to the Comanche County District Attorney's office. They will determine if the officers were justified.

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