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Video captures special needs boy being brutally attacked

LAWTON, Okla._ A 19-year-old boy with special needs was pushed to the ground and brutally beaten while shooting hoops on the playground behind Pat Henry Elementary.

The boy is expected to make a full recovery after taking several kicks to the head in the attack on March 1. Now, his loved ones want to know who's responsible, and there is video evidence to help them out.

"They knew he was at a disadvantage," said Yazmine Rodriguez, a family friend.

The entire attack was caught on cell phone video which quickly made its way onto Facebook.

"I just made a Facebook account and then started adding all the kids that were involved in it," said the boy's mother, who wished to remain anonymous. "It ticks me off when I see it … it ticks me off. It's very disturbing."

A crowd of teenagers can be seen on the video playing basketball. The kids supposedly told the young man they were going to beat him up if he missed a basket. He ended up missing the shot, and, as promised, they did attack.

First, the boy was shoved to the ground and, later, he was kicked square in the head while curled up in a ball defenseless.  

"I saw footprints in his face," said Rodriguez.  "You can see a sneaker imprint and blood everywhere."

The young man's mother believes the kids took advantage of her son because they know he wouldn't fight back.

"What are friends? What aren't friends? He thinks everyone is his friend," said the victim's mother.

The boy has not been back to the playground since the night he was attack and police have not found anyone responsible for the crime. LPD does have this case under investigation, and citizens are asked to give them a call if they have any leads. 

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