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Students choose to volunteer over spring break

LAWTON, Okla._Giving back to the community is exactly how approximately 100 Lawton students have decided to spend their spring break this year.

The kids are part of youth groups from several local churches and their alternative spring break is called "4 the city." They've been working on improvement projects for Lawton Public Schools where they've been painting, picking up trash and even building a walking track.

"There is drawing and stuff on the walls and I don't want our visitors to see that and our paint is all run down. So if we get new paint on it people will more likely want to come here," said Justin Walters, sixth grader at MacArthur Middle School.

Volunteering is how high school sophomore, Laura Kirchen has spent many of her spring breaks.

"It gives you a good feeling to be able to help your community and to make something look better especially if it has some wear and tear instead of just blowing it off," said Kirchen.

Foreman for First Baptist East's project, Geoffery Buhlig says it's important for the youth to know how to give back to the community at a young age.

"It's about being a leader and showing those leadership qualities that you want your students to emulate and to be an example to them to carry on to the future," said Buhlig.

With the help of forty volunteers from Cameron Baptist, they were able to turn a field into a track for Cleveland Elementary to get fit by walking before and during school.

"If nobody gave back to the community, then we wouldn't have some of the stuff we have today. So I just try to make that my top priority most of the time," said Jerome Williams, Cameron Baptist Youth member.

"Everyone should help out there community, I think personally because it just makes the place better if you're gonna help," said Joel Cannon, Cameron Baptist Youth Member.

Youth Pastor at Cameron Baptist, Matt Wolff, says he's proud that so many kids in the community wanted to come out and help during their vacation.

"Instead of maybe sleeping in or just playing video games during their spring break they are showing their community heart by coming out here and working," said Wolff.

All of the kids said they couldn't have found a better way to spend their spring break. The projects will be wrapped up by Wednesday afternoon and they will celebrate with a free concert from the "Shine a Light" tour later that night at First Baptist East's youth building from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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