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Highway collision as cars swerve to avoid tire

ELGIN, Okla._ A tire in the middle of the highway sent cars swerving and ended in one vehicle being totaled. 

The crash happened in the eastbound lane of I-44 in Elgin around 6 p.m. Tuesday evening. A silver Toyota Corolla slammed into the back of a white Hummer SUV as both vehicles attempted to avoid hitting a tire.

"The vehicle in front of (the Corolla) was changing lanes to avoid the tire," said OHP officer Shane Fitzpatrick. "(The Corolla) was following a little too close when she went to swerve left, (then) struck the wall. As she's coming back across, she clips the rear passenger side bumper of the Hummer."

A third vehicle, which was not involved in the accident, did hit the tire and suffered a flat in the front passenger side of her vehicle. No injuries were reported. 

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