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Ft. Sill took their families to work

FORT SILL, Okla._Around one hundred family members at Ft. Sill were able to spend the day seeing what their soldier does at work everyday.

It was the first "Take Your Family to Work Day" for the 2nd Battalion, 4th Field Artillery at Ft. Sill. Kids were busy Wednesday morning watching rockets launch, climbing inside Humvees and putting on gear. What seemed to be the kids favorite activity was getting hands-on time with some small arms weapons.

Captain James Roland says he was very excited when he found out he was going to get to bring his wife and three little boys to work.

"My children have had a lot of questions about when we come out to the field and it's a chance to bring them out and I'm excited to for them to see it," said Capt. Roland.

"I was really glad for the kids, especially to see what their dad does when he comes out here because when you talk about daddy being gone or in the field for a week when they are training, I knew they really didn't have any idea what that meant," said his wife Audrey Roland.

Lieutenant Colonel, Bill Burnett says he hopes the events will put the families at ease for any future deployments.

"They could talk to the command, the soldiers and feel a little bit better about what they are doing and what possible movements they'll have," said Lt. Col. Burnett.

Three rockets were launched on the range which means there were a lot of crying kids.

"Little guy got, there were three and by the third he cried just a little bit but it wasn't bad, they did well with it," said Audrey Roland.

They ended the day on the range by eating a real army lunch, MRE's. They hope to make "Take Your Family to Work Day" an annual event for their battalion.

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