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Prices continue to go up, food included

LAWTON, Okla._If you have bought any meat in the past few weeks, you may noticed the price has steadily increased.

The drought that has hit Oklahoma has caused cattle numbers to plummet, which has caused those prices to increase. But that could be just the start of a ripple effect of rising prices throughout the grocery store. 

Eddy Young, the manager at Save-A-Lot, says beef prices are seeing the largest increase as of now.

"On most stuff I'd say it's close to $0.80 to $1.00 a pound higher," said Young.

But a cattle shortage isn't the only thing that will be affecting your wallet.

"In 8 and 10 months from now, the pork is going to be extremely high from where they had to put down about 2.5 million little piglets from some of the feed places not to long ago," explained Young.

Pork prices are estimated to rise between 20% and 25%, similar to the increase in beef. If you are looking to save some money but you don't want to sacrifice buying meat, buy in bulk, $3.49 a pound compared to $3.29 a pound. If you don't want to have to worry about those fluctuating prices of beef and pork buy chicken.  Beef has gone up almost a dollar whereas chicken has only gone up a few cents.

"Chicken has been pretty stable. You can get some pretty good deals on the frozen chicken, even the fresh chicken.  We haven't seen it spike, but hopefully it won't," said Young.

Beef and pork prices don't affect just the fresh meat but lunch meat as well. Young also says prices in produce go up and down and are a little more sporadic depending on the area they come from and the seasons.

"If strawberries are coming from California, or bell peppers are coming from Florida, and that time of the year and you have a freeze and you lose that crop and they are going to have to go to other places like Central America or Mexico, and it can be more expensive," said Young.

Young went on to say that in order to help the customer and to help them keep products moving many times with a price jump they will keep the mark up low.

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