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Raid uncovers thousands of dollars in stolen goods

CACHE, Okla._A search warrant led Cache police to thousands of dollars worth of property, much of which they believe is stolen.

The Cache Police Department along with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Comanche County Sheriff's Department served the warrant Wednesday evening at a home on the corner of "D" Avenue and Deer Drive. Inside, authorities found everything from guns to stolen prescription drugs.

Whether it's their homes or their cars, many people in Cache have been hit by burglars in recent months. But Police Chief, Donna Kimmel, believes that it is search warrants like this that are helping to put those to blame behind bars and off the streets.

"We are just not going to put up with the drugs or the burglaries," said Chief Kimmel.

Both are problems that the people of Cache have faced for years, but Chief Kimmel is putting a stop to them both.

"I am really happy with our progress. Our crime rate is way down," said Chief Kimmel.

She says it's due to the diligence of officers cracking down on the problem. Wednesday's search warrant led police to laptops, portable DVD players, and more than 10 guns, one of which caught their attention.

"The Browning we definitely know that there is something wrong because it is a felony to be in possession of a firearm with the serial number filed off," explained Chief Kimmel.

And it didn't stop there. A variety of drugs were also found in the home. Officers found used needles, marijuana and a multitude of medications prescribed to other people. With all of the items police found, it's the inexpensive jewelry they found that Cache police hopes will help her department solve other crimes.

"This is what will really help you solve or clean up burglaries because some of this stuff isn't of great value. It might be special to someone in some shape form or fashion but usually with the more expensive items they get it out they sell it they trade it. But they will keep some of the less valuable things," said Chief Kimmel.

But Chief Kimmel says that her officers can't continue to crack down on burglaries without the help of the community.

"It's a community effort, people keeping a watch on others property. We need to go back to being nosey. And if it doesn't look right, call us. We would rather check it out. Better safe than sorry," added Chief Kimmel.

Cache police believe that this raid will help solve a lot of burglaries in both Cache and Comanche County. If you recognized an item that you believe was yours, contact the Cache Police Department to set up an appointment to identify the item.

The raid also led to the arrest of 21-year-old Kristopher Dixon. Dixon was out on bond for other burglary charges prior to his arrest Thursday night. He is now being held in the Comanche County Detention Center for possession of stolen property, removing the serial number from a gun and a drug charge.

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