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Argument leads to one person being shot

LAWTON, Okla._An argument turned violent in a central Lawton neighborhood Friday afternoon and led to one man being shot in the stomach.

It happened on northwest Third Street just south of Bell Avenue around noon. Police said the suspected shooter was walking down Third Street when an argument erupted between him and the 26-year-old victim, Russell Roundtree. It quickly escalated, leading to Roundtree being shot in the stomach.

Neighbors said that it all happened very quickly and right before their eyes. Many of them heard the argument start and say it was not very long before they saw the suspect pull a gun and began walking across the road, firing shot after shot at the victim and two other people standing in this front yard.

"I have lived here for 14 years and this is the first time that something like this has happened," said one of the neighbors.

For the man living across the street from the shooting, the incident was shocking.

"This is something that we didn't expect to happen. People argue all the time but we didn't expect for it to escalate like that," said the neighbor.

He was sitting in his living room when the commotion led him to look outside.

"I came to the door and three guys were arguing in the yard. It was only seconds or a minute later that I heard four shots and the man was running around the corner. We ran around the corner after him but once we got to Second Street...we didn't know where he went," said the neighbor.

Lawton police ended up arresting the shooter only a few blocks away and Captain Craig Akard says that the early investigation reveals it was an argument the had gone bad.

"One individual did pull a gun, fired and struck the other individual," said Capt. Akard.

Police said the shot did not hit any major organs and is not life threatening.

"It went in and came out the backside. It is what we call a through and through wound," explained Capt. Akard.

Police were also able to locate the gun used. That paired with the quick arrest makes neighbors feel better about a scary incident that was too close to home.

"You have just got to be aware of what is going on around you. You have got to keep your eyes open," added the neighbor.

There was a chance that this shooting could have been much worse; there were a quite a few people outside when the suspect opened fire. Neighbors said it's typically a quiet neighborhood. Detectives have spent the afternoon interviewing the 31-year-old suspect and witnesses.

Police anticipate that he will be booked into the city jail later this evening.

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