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Frederick Chamber of Commerce revamps their image

FREDERICK, Okla._The Frederick Chamber of Commerce has a new executive director and she is fresh out of college having just graduated in December.

Haley Hoover may be new to the job, but not to Frederick, she was born and raised there. One of Hoover's first projects to take on was improving the visitors' center to make it more welcoming and informative for those just passing through or for those just looking for something to do this spring.

She was named executive director just one month after graduating from the University of Oklahoma. After interning for the chamber several years ago, she knew she really liked chamber work.  When she was offered the job right out of college she took it.

Haley Hoover was excited to take the job because she has passion for the town she calls home.

"I've watched this town change, at least the last twenty years, so I know what it's capable of and what's been here in the past so that  definitely helps," said Hoover.

She says having lived in Frederick almost all of her life has made the job a little easier.

"Just knowing everyone helps a lot. People are always calling asking who to be referred to. So knowing those people personally really helps," explained Hoover.

While she may not be the youngest person running a chamber in the state but she definitely is in southwest Oklahoma.

"I thought people might be hesitant since I'm so young to trust me or whatever but everyone has been great. They are really excited about my crazy ideas," said Hoover.

Her efforts to bring more people to Frederick started with having a stronger online presence.

"If you Google Frederick, not a whole lot comes up but at the same time we have so much to offer the world," explained Hoover.

Frederick has many museums and attractions like the Abernathy Boys and Hackberry Flats.

"I'm really working on for one, updating our website and making it more navigable and for two, getting on social media," said Hoover.

Hoover hopes this will make it easier for people to see what all Frederick has to offer.

"I think it has so much potential and I think if other people saw that, they'd be more willing to move their businesses here and invest in what Frederick is. Even people in Frederick don't realize how many hidden jewels we have around town," said Hoover.

Improving the visitors' center was important to Hoover because it's a place people can go when the chamber is closed to find out what's going on in and around town.

The next event in Frederick is Hackberry Flat Day on April 19. The wildlife conservatory will be giving bird and butterfly tours. They will also have archery and shotgun skill sessions.

The day will end with a chuck wagon dinner.

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