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Police investigate break-in at Lawton power company

LAWTON, Okla._Police believe a couple of suspected car burglars were at it again when they broke into a Lawton business yard but were scared away by their beefed up security system and ended up with nothing.

Around 3:30 a.m. Friday, police said the men cut through the business's chain link fence and attempted to load spools of copper into their pickup that was reported stolen from the Fort Sill Indian School on Wednesday.

Police believe the suspects are linked to a string of recent burglaries. But until Friday, clear images of the thieves hadn't been captured. Now police say AEP recently invested in a high security system that seems to have already paid off.

A tall security fence surrounding the business in addition to multiple flood lights wasn't enough to deter the criminals. Community Affairs Manager, Tim Hushbeck, says it was past crimes like this one that forced AEP to invest in security.

"Things like break-ins and stuff have driven us to put more camera systems up and alarm systems that let us know when people breach our fence and things like that," said Hushbeck.

He says the new security system tipped off the cops, forcing the suspects to leave their loot and stolen truck behind.

"The fact that they had to leave on foot because the police were quick to respond made all of the difference in this case along with our beef upped system to be able to detect them here," explained Hushbeck.

He hopes that now that thieves know they have armed themselves with the security system, they won't try it again.

"Well we hope that people get a little brighter as we move along but sometimes criminals aren't the most intelligent people in the world or they wouldn't be doing that kind of business," said Hushbeck.

Hushbeck says the security system saves them money, but will also save their customers money.

"These types of thefts cost everybody; it drives up the price of copper because this isn't just going on in Lawton, Oklahoma. It's going on across the nation," said Hushbeck.

Police said that chances are the security system will help prevent future crimes like this. They think that with the warmer season approaching, there could be a spike in similar crimes.

Police released video from a March 11 car burglary on Sheridan Road and southwest "B" Avenue on Thursday. They believe the man in that video is one of the men responsible for the AEP break in.

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