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Woman gets assaulted in Lawton intersection

LAWTON, Okla._ A Lawton woman is assaulted after getting out of her car while stopped at an intersection to check and see if she had a flat tire.

The victim said she stopped at NW 24th and Gore to look at her tires, but while getting out of her car she accidentally hit the car beside her with her door. 


She said the driver and two passengers of that car got out and began yelling at her, then all three began to attack her.
Once the victim fell to the ground, she said the three got back into their car and left.
Lawton Police said the woman suffered cuts and scratches to her neck and arms. She also had large bruises around both of her eyes.
At the hospital, it was determined that the victim suffered possible internal head injuries including blurred vision from being beaten to near unconsciousness. 

Lawton Police will continue to investigate the incident. 

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