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People get out and enjoy the weather

LAWTON, Okla_Well with these nice, warmer temperatures, more and more people are venturing outside for some fun activities.  Everyone has been waiting all year to get out and get some sun on their face, and this weekend was a great opportunity.

The weather today gave people a good shot at some fun outdoor activities.  Even though it was windy it didn't stop some people from enjoying some golf.  "Well it's throwing off my game. No, I don't have any game. It's kind of nice, it's a good breeze, it's not too cold," said Hannah Hitzgez.

Others chose to head to Elmer Thomas Park to enjoy some fun there.  For Barbara Sloan she couldn't wait for spring to get here so she could enjoy her favorite park.  She has been feeding the birds there for over seven years and intends on doing it at least twice a week.  Sloan said, "I love all of it, the ducks, the wildlife. I just love the fresh air and sunshine"

Others like Robert Patterson took advantage of the weather to get started on this season's fishing. "It's starting to get warmer. The fish are going to start spawning, so they tend to feed better," said Patterson.  He said the key to fishing at Elmer Thomas is to get your lure in the deep part.

It seems that everyone is happy that it is finally starting to get warm.  Hannah said she plans on doing a lot more activities throughout the season. "When it's warm in Oklahoma, I love going to the lake. Going to the lake and fishing. I like fishing more than golf," said Hitzgez.

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