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Police dispatched to April Fools' Day hoax

 LAWTON, Okla._An April Fools' Day prank is responsible for setting off a chain of events after a Fort Sill employee texted his supervisor he was being held hostage in a gas station robbery.

The suspect's supervisor reported the robbery to 911 dispatchers after his employee texted him the following text messages:

"I'm at the Stripes at 67th. They just came in and robbed it. They are taking us hostage."

"They shot the guy next to me they thought he was texting."

"Call the cops please!"

The employee claimed the robbery was taking place at the Stripes gas station at NW 67th and Cache Rd. But when police went to investigate they found business as usual and checked out all Stripes locations throughout the city.

When nothing turned up, the text messages were traced to an I-T employee on Fort Sill who said he was playing a prank on his employer. He said he also sent one last text, "April Fools."

Police told the man due to the nature of the prank it was a serious crime and it endangered the lives of the officers who responded and the public.

The man's supervisor  told police his employee was a top notch employee with a baby on the way and the man was let off with a warning.  

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