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Unemployment rates continue to fall as new businesses open

LAWTON, Okla._According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 192,000 jobs were added nationwide just last month.

All of those jobs were entirely from the private sector, meaning non-government employment is back where it was before the financial crisis. Workforce Oklahoma in Lawton says they are continuing to have job fairs for companies looking for new employees and also for companies that are new to town.

Stephon Brown is a veteran and was out of work for six months but finally found a job two weeks ago. His first stop to find a job was Workforce Oklahoma where he received help with his résumé and online job searches.

"I continued to look all the time. I was in here probably every other day. I also have Internet at home and continued to do job searches there as well," said Brown.

He says he was even more limited on what jobs were available to him because he was in school. He says it was a catch-22, go to school in hopes of getting a better job in the long run while at the risk of not getting a job now due to lack of availability.

"It very well can be frustrating. It's hard to maintain a self reliance on what's going to happen in your future when you don't have a job."

Workforce Oklahoma center manager, Vicki Jackson says with jobs finally opening up people are taking jobs that may not have necessarily been their first pick, even so they're jumping on them.

"I think that's due to the unemployment because if their on unemployment right now, there is no extension. So once that money runs out they have no other options," said Jackson.

That's because the unemployment rate is low right now, at 6.7% which is a good thing. Jackson says there's an abundance of retail jobs available due to the 82nd Street development and all the stores that are about to open up on Second Street. She says the Second Street project alone has brought over 500 jobs to Lawton with 350 of them being entry-level and management positions and 200 of them being temporary construction jobs.

"A lot of people come through here and a lot of people get jobs. Some of them more quickly than others, you just can't give up hope, you have to continue to try," said Brown.

Workforce Oklahoma will be having several hiring events this month, including one for Halliburton and Ulta. To find out more you can call there office at 357-3500.

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