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Eisenhower aims to raise money for a good cause

LAWTON, Okla _ Eisenhower High School is looking to the support of community bikers to help raise $20,000 for a few local charities.

Saturday, they hosted a poker run and they are using the money raised from the run to help apply for the grant from "Lead2feed".

If the school wins the grant, it will be divided among the Lawton Food Bank, the Greiner School, and the Saint Vincent DePaul Society.

"We wanted to do something more dynamic because we are trying to win $20,000," Francy Garner said.

Garner said it was her husband's idea to do a poker run and involve the bikers.

Last year they did just a food run for the food bank, but she said doing this involves a lot more people, which they hope impresses the "Lead2feed".

Corbyn Nauman is one of the students helping to lead the cause, and when she first heard bikers she wasn't so sure.

"Well I thought that is not really the crowd we usually go with, but I think it is a good idea because we are reaching out to different kinds of people," Nauman said.

But after Saturday her thoughts have changed.

"I didn't think we'd get a lot but I am seeing that we've gotten a lot of riders to sign up and it's just really going to help us," Nauman said.

It's not just the poker run that can win them the grant though.

Garner says they will be filming the whole run, then they must do an essay.

Combining even more elements to make their case to the judging committee.

"There's 10 lessons the kids have to do, and they have to explain in that essay what they got in that program, which is basically how to plan a big project, how to be a leader, how to impact the community by doing something for the needy," Garner said.

Whether they get the grant or not, at the end of the day Nauman knows these students are adding to their school's legacy.

"I think the school will be proud of us.  Our school lives up to high expectations with academics and I think this will just add on to it," Nauman said.

The run involved a scenic route that took bikers all the way to Apache.

During the run there were five stops where each biker got one poker card, and at the end the biker with the best hand won $500.

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