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Snyder Public Schools is making due after fire

SNYDER, Okla._Seven weeks has passed since fire ravaged a part of the small town of Snyder and those who call downtown home.

Among those who were left picking up the pieces was Snyder Public Schools. Although employees were able to salvage much of the administration's paperwork, several essential files, pieces of furniture and classroom supplies were either burned or damaged by water. Now support is pouring in so those educators are able to get back on their feet.

Back on February 21, it was clear early on that fire was spreading to the Snyder Public School's administration building. From that very moment, help was on its way in the form of nearby residents and people passing by, pulling whatever they could from the building. Seven weeks later, those moments are still fresh on the mind of Superintendent Robert Trammel and that's because the support hasn't stopped since.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

It's a sentiment that Snyder Superintendent Robert Trammel knows all too well. Before the fire, First National Bank of Altus granted the school district the use of a new building but it wasn't until recently that the school knew what to do with it.

"It became real clear after the fire that this is what it needed to be," said Trammel.

So, Snyder schools found a new home within just a few days of the fire taking over, but unfortunately, they couldn't replace what they promised classrooms all over town.

"We did lose our supply room at the administration building so we were actually starting from zero," explained Trammel.

And that's when the Oklahoma City non-profit "Feed the Children" stepped in.

"They put together approximately ten pallets of supplies from school paper, copy paper to folders, ring binders, pencils, pens, and etc. and graciously delivered it to us," said Trammel.

It's a $108,000 gift brought to Snyder after teachers told the organization about the loss. Trammel says now the district won't miss a beat and he gives credit to everyone who's helped along the way.

"What we didn't have, we made due. We borrowed...the community of people of Snyder, it's a great community to live in, they've been very patient with us and first national bank and what they've done, and feed the children. We couldn't have done it without their help," said Trammel.

Snyder Public Schools' new building is actually located outside of Snyder in Mountain Park by the primary school. As far as their building in downtown Snyder goes, it's considered a total loss. The district hopes to demolish it in the next few months.

Once the downtown building is torn down, Trammel says they hope to use the space in the future to bring all Snyder schools together for special events and programs.

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