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Resident says city workers have created liability nightmare

LAWTON, Okla._ A resident here is upset with the city after months of construction outside his home along Gore Blvd.  

Jason Robinson says parts of his driveway have created a hazard to the public, and he wants the problem fixed before someone gets hurt.

Residents along the busy stretch of W. Gore Blvd. are mostly happy about the dwindling number of construction crews. On April 8, all four lanes were re-opened for the first time in more than six months.

"I'm sure glad to see it; we'd like to get our yard back in shape," says Ed Schmeiding, a nearby resident.

For Robinson, however, the construction is still causing a headache. A ditch, which runs 20 feet long and six inches deep through the middle of his driveway, has become a big problem.

"I have kids running all across my yard," says Robinson. "I need my driveway fixed. I need it so I can be out of liability ... you know, if the city is working on something, they need to be held responsible."

George Hennessy, assistant director of engineering with the City of Lawton, expects the project to be wrapped up soon.

"We expect to have that completed within the next two weeks," says Hennessy.

Robinson says he's been getting a similar response for several weeks, and he is not the only one who has grown frustrated.

"We don't have sidewalks," says Rocdregus Howell, a student who frequently walks home from Eisenhower High School. "[Neighbors] complain about us walking through their yards."

Robinson is hoping the city takes action soon: "I just need something done, I need something done."

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