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Month of the Military Child: Wheels Day

FORT SILL, Okla._The life of a soldier or military spouse can be hard, with constant moves and deployments but many people overlook the hardships of being a kid in a military family.

It's those hardships that caused April to be named the Month of the Military Child. To celebrate, "Wheels Day" was held at Tincher Child Development Center Friday morning on Fort Sill. Pre-school aged children were given the chance to see all types of vehicles of all sizes and shapes. The vehicles they saw included police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, construction equipment, and of course military equipment. Organizers said it was a great chance for these military children to see some of the equipment their parent use.

"Today it's seeing the kids out crawling in the vehicles and the actual service members out here helping the children. It's just a great opportunity for the soldiers to put back into the kids and the kids have an opportunity to explore," said Suzie Anderson, Training Curriculum Specialist for Tincher Child Development Center.

There was a lot of horn blowing and sirens going off. That seemed to be the biggest attraction. The Tincher Child Development Center hopes to continue next year so the children can see the different wheels of the world.

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