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13th Annual Kyle Nottingham Kiddie Run

LAWTON, Okla_ Kids of all ages turned up at Cameron University Saturday to run in the 13th Annual Kyle Nottingham Kiddie Run.

Kyle was an avid runner but five years ago passed away from a brain aneurysm, and that's when the run was named in his honor.

The event was free and was used to promote fitness.

Kyle's father, Jerry, said the event helps bring back memories of his son, but he hopes the kid's get more out of it than a memory.

"Promote physical fitness and have fun with it, and not something that is regimented, or you got to do this got to do that.  Just something they would enjoy doing, like a lifestyle and run," Nottingham said.

Nearly 100 kids took part in the event. 

All participants walked away with a ribbon.

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