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Happiness movement hits Lawton

LAWTON, Okla_ Driving down Gore Blvd. in Lawton Saturday you may have seen a few signs and people trying to spread a message. 

These people, however, weren't protesting, rather taking part in a nationwide movement to spread joy and happiness.

The movement is called the "Happiness Sprinkling Project", and started last May in Seattle.

Nearly 20 signs are packed up and shipped to the different locations across the country to help spread happiness.

Lawton's organizer, Brenda Weber, hopes the message of happiness not only makes it way around the country, but also right here at home. 

"We hope that means each one of those people that are hearing our message, spreads it to one more person, and one more person, and one more person.  We want to pay the happiness forward," Weber said.

Up next for these signs are a trip to Colorado Springs and then after that there are international plans, with reservations in places like Germany and India.


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