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Severe weather hits our area

LAWTON, Okla_The active weather moved through quite a few parts of our viewing area today creating quite a buzz on social media.

There has been a steady flow of pictures coming into our Facebook for the past few hours. And with phones right on many people's smart phones, it couldn't be easier to show you what many in our area were seeing today. 

With today's severe weather outbreak, we had a lot of people reach out to KSWO with their pictures, and their videos.  In all parts of our viewing area, people were sending in what severe weather they were seeing.  

Marietta, Oklahoma received some wild weather.  For the Lawton area, it was a nice sunny day. East of Lawton, storms dominated the evening. The storms produced some amazing cloud formations. White clouds slowly turned dark, getting ready to release the storm within them. Duncan got only a bit of the weather, but they did get a good view of it.  Velma received quarter sized hail.  Comanche lake got dime sized hail. Bray, and other communities, got ping pong ball sized hail.

Then just like that, the storm was gone and the skies calm.  With storm season just starting up, we can all expect more storms.

You can always send in your pictures to our Facebook page, kswo7news, and by email at

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