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Duncan doctor remembered fondly

DUNCAN, Okla._One of the victims in the deadly shooting at a Jewish community center in Kansas on Sunday was a longtime doctor in Stephens County.

Dr. William Corporon and his 14-year-old grandson were in the center's parking lot Sunday getting ready to go inside for his grandson to audition for a singing scholarship. That's when they were ambushed by the man who is now in custody for their deaths.

Dr. Corporon practiced family medicine in Marlow and Duncan until he and his wife moved to Kansas in 2003 to be closer to their children and grandchildren. Everyone who knew Dr. Corporon said they were sad to see him leave his practice because he was the type of doctor who would sit and listen to his patients and truly cared.

He did it all, he performed surgeries, he delivered babies and then he continued to take care of most of those babies into adulthood. Dr. Francis McGouran took over most of Corporon's practice and said he was a wonderful man and all his patients adored him.

"He was a hoot. He always had a light mood and the one thing his patients really said, is they always knew he was being honest with them. He would always tell them what he really thought whether it was something good or something bad and that's what I think they fondly remember about him," said Dr. McGouran.

McGouran says he was shocked to hear the news and patients coming in Monday morning were recalling their memories of the good doctor.

"People were saying ‘I knew Bill when he first came to Marlow' and ‘he delivered Suzie and I'm going to miss him' and people were remembering he and his wife doing productions in the theatre," said Dr. McGouran.

Corporon was involved with the Duncan Little Theater, he directed over 25 plays including the theater's first play, Oklahoma, back in 1991. He even won the Governor's Art Award in 2002. McGouran says seeing that Corporon has been gone from Oklahoma for more than 10 years and people still remember him, obviously says a lot about his character and his family's relationship with Duncan.

"I think that Duncan just wants to reach out and hug them right now. He was always upbeat and jovial. I think that's the one thing that makes me so sad, he died so tragically," said McGouran.

Corporon was very active in the entire Duncan community. He helped raise money to build the Simmons center and was also medical director of several centers in the area.

The man police say killed Corporon, his grandson and one other person at the Jewish community center was taken into custody near the scene. Frazier Glenn Cross, 73, is reportedly the former Grand Dragon of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

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