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Severe storms caused severe damage

BRAY, Okla._Sunday night's severe weather brought straight-line winds and a tornado to Stephens County which caused wide-spread damage to one family's ranch.

The Kelly family lives outside the town of Bray and they ran to their storm shelter after seeing some rotation in the storm clouds. When they emerged from safety, they found debris that was once a part of their home and barn thrown all about.

Edna Kelly says that she never liked the look of the clouds as she watched the storm move toward her home. She said she saw rotation only moments before the hail and strong winds hit which sent her and her family running for their storm shelter, the thing she says saved their lives.

"I just fell to my knees and cried. It was so sad," recalled Kelly.

Kelly has lived on her ranch for more than 30 years and she couldn't believe her eyes when she emerged from her storm shelter to see the damage the storm left behind.

"The front porch that was once at my front door was now out in the yard by my grandson's truck. It had knocked the welder over, and blew the back porch off. Everything was just a mess. Nothing was intact," said Kelly when she described the scene after the storm.

It also destroyed their barn, a storage shed and a recently built chicken coop, leaving debris all over the family's property hundreds of feet away from where it originally stood.

"It was just so sad to see all the stuff that we had worked for, for all our lives just gone in seconds," Kelly said.

Seconds that she said felt like an eternity as her family sat inside the shelter. As she looked at the damage for the first time in the daylight, she says she never wants to see a storm like that but there is nothing to do but work to put her life back together.

"Somehow or another I get through it. I say ‘well I can't get over it but I am going to live with it'," explained Kelly.

She now faces the challenge of fixing thousands of dollars worth of damage caused by the storm. But despite it all, she says that she just feels blessed that her family and animals were not hurt.

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