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M-28 Ministries providing homes for the homeless

LAWTON, Okla._One local ministry is working to help provide homes for a few of the area's homeless families. 

M-28 Ministries is currently remodeling two homes in southwest Lawton where three families will live while they get back on their feet. They call the project "The Second Mile" and they have also paired with Family Promise to help decide which families are moved in and monitor while they live there.

M-28 Ministries has called in all the contractors they need to find out just how much work they will need to do to accomplish their goal. They found out it'll cost close to $50,000 but they're confident they'll raise the money to get it done.

"The lord led us to this and we feel like God is going to make this happen. It's not of us it is of him," said Jeff Henderson, Director of M-28 Ministries.

They're breaking the project into two phases. Phase one is a smaller house, but needs more work. It needs new wiring, plumbing, pretty much everything, a sum of $20,000 worth of improvements. Phase two is a larger house that already has tenants and is in better shape. Henderson says the current tenants support the project.

"The tenant told me Friday that he wants to come over and help, so he wants to come over hang sheet rock and that sort of thing. They're behind it and happy to move when they have to," said Henderson.

The main goal of the program is to help get these families back on their feet within a year's time, but Henderson says another goal is to help these families realize they can accomplish more.

"This is a thing that they should expect that they can achieve. They can find a home like this and I want to encourage them to expect to find a home of this quality or better and be able to purchase it," explained Henderson.

Of course, funds are their biggest obstacle but they say the have many volunteers to keep costs low.

"Several of the volunteers are builders in different ways, carpenters, some with skills in different areas but they're not a licensed plumber but they have experience with it. So we have some knowledgeable volunteers, and then we have a lot of strong backs too," said Henderson.

They have a long way to go but Henderson is confident they will be able to get phase one ready for occupants by June.

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