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Man arrested after failed beer run

LAWTON, Okla._One Lawton man has been arrested after a failed beer run when he said "put it on my tab" and tried to leave the gas station.

Lawton police were called to the Stripes location at north Ft. Sill Boulevard and Roger's Lane Monday night in connection to a combative shoplifter. When the officer arrived he found the suspect being held down right outside of the store by the clerk and two others. The officer took control of the suspect and removed the zip tie the other three had used to restrain his hands before placing the suspect into handcuffs.

The clerk told police that the man had come into the store and appeared to be intoxicated and was acting suspicious. The man left the store and then came back a few minutes later, picked up a case of Miller Lite, told the clerk "put it on my tab" and tried to walk out. The clerk blocked the exit but the man pushed the clerk through the door and then punched him. At that time a customer and off-duty employee stepped in to help and restrained the man and they called police.

The suspect, Steven England, was taken to the city jail and booked on charges of larceny and assault. The beer was valued at $19.96.

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