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Miles Bench competency trial nearing end

DUNCAN, Okla._High drama in the courtroom as defense attorneys tried to get a mistrial declared in the Miles Bench's competency trial.

The 23-year-old accused killer sat motionless Wednesday afternoon as his lawyers said they did not receive all of the proper documents from the Stephens County Sheriff's Office pertaining to Bench's stay in jail.

All of the drama came down to the defense requesting all of Bench's jail logs, from his medication schedule, to the specific times he received meals each day. It's a tall order to fill, especially so late into the trial, but without those logs the defense said they couldn't proceed. The district judge said that just wasn't his fault.

Judge Enos refused to let Bench's defense team throw out the competency trial when they didn't have all of Bench's activity logs on hand. Just seconds after striking down the mistrial motion, Bench's lawyers requested a continuance to obtain those documents and that only made the situation worse. Judge Enos told the team "We're on an expedited schedule, but it's a schedule you agreed on." Judge Enos added by saying research should have been done before this week. He ruled that the trial would continue.

It all comes after questions arose surrounding Bench's escape from a restraint chair last December. Evidence included video which was shown to the jury of Bench struggling to free his arms, chest and feet from the chair. Once he was free, he changed into different clothes and hid in a cell. But the detention officer on duty told the defense it wasn't long before Bench was caught. He said Bench told him he needed to go to a mental hospital as soon as he was found.

Among other topics that were discussed in questioning included Bench's conversations with other inmates that focused primarily on religion, much like his conversations with everyone else. Both the state and the defense rested their cases.

Closing arguments will begin first thing Thursday morning.

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