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Salvation Army is halfway to their Adopt-A-Child goal

LAWTON, Okla._The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of Lawton-Fort Sill has raised nearly $20,000 in their Adopt-A-Child campaign.

That's only halfway to their goal of raising $40,000 by summer. The money is used to run the after school and summer programs that benefit the youth in the community.

The Boys and Girls Club offers great programs from fitness and dance to even homework help. They even offer a hot meal each day for the children. It's that positive impact that has brought some of the children back to work for the Boys and Girls Club.

The youth is our future and with the help of Lieutenant Roseno, the Boys and Girls Club is trying to make the future better.

"When they come here, into our club, we don't really care about where they are coming from. Color, language, race, background, you know we receive all of them, the way they are and we try to empower those kids," said Lt. Roseno.

Marcus Gary works at the Boys and Girls Club, before that he was one of the children running around the Boys and Girls Club. Off and on from fourth grade until high school graduation, he credits his time spent at the Boys and Girls Club to where he is at in life right now.

"It keeps a lot of kids away from the local gangs. It keeps them isolated and busy during the summer. It keeps them busy during school and after school. I really like it for the summer too because it keeps them out of the street, keeps their mind busy, keeps them active, keeps them active," said Gary.

Casandra Powell also started attending the Boys and Girls Club in the fourth grade. Two years ago she started working for them, and is proud of every child she's met.

"Because the people here want the kids to do great, they want them to better themselves," said Powell.

For the workers and for Lt. Roseno that's exactly what the Boys and Girls Club is all about.

"The impact for us, is when they come here in the know a week, a month, or a year, or 10 years from now. To then be able to look back, and say yes I became a better citizen because of what the boys and girls club did for me," said Lt. Roseno

If you would like to adopt a child you can call the Salvation Army at (580)355-1802.

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