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Representative Cole seeks seventh term

LAWTON, Okla._U.S. Representative Tom Cole is seeking his seventh term in congress this election year.

Oklahoma is known for its oil and gas industry, it's that industry that Cole says will grow over the next two years, as long as the federal government doesn't get in the way.

"We also have an opportunity in the energy area obviously to become energy independent. But I think we have a federal government that's going to make that more difficult rather than facilitate it," said Rep. Cole.

One out of every six Oklahomans live in poverty. Poverty, income inequality and the raising of the federal minimum wage have become national issues. Cole believes that minimum wage is a state issue, not a federal one.

"19 states have minimum wages that are higher than the national average or the federal minimum wage. Oklahoma does not. I really think, honestly, a one size fits all minimum wage doesn't make a lot of sense. The cost of living in New York City is a little different than Oklahoma City," said Rep. Cole.

The government shutdown in October was a so called sore spot on how productive Congress was being at that time.

"So Congress is being a little more productive right now, having messed up badly last fall, it's like a kid trying to make up a little bit for its mistakes. But next year, again the same issues will come back and confront us because some of these ‘fixes' are nothing more than pushing them to early next year," said Rep. Cole.

Cole recently got a piece of legislation passed that keeps public funds from funding political party conventions.

So far one Republican, two Democrats, and one Independent have thrown their hat in the ring for Oklahoma's fourth district seat along with Representative Cole.

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