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Watchful neighbors bust would-be burglar

LAWTON, Okla._Lawton police were able to make an arrest Thursday afternoon all thanks to watchful neighbors.

Neighbors saw a black male wearing black kick in the back door of a home near 31st Street and Ferris Avenue. The alert neighbors called police who were then able catch the man after he had taken off through the alley after seeing police arrive. Once caught, police found a loaded gun in the suspect's waistband, a baggie with marijuana in his pocket and pills in his sock. The suspect also had two "Failure To Appear" warrants and is now adding "Marijuana Prohibited," "Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance," "Possession of a Firearm During a Felony" and "Burglary of a Residence in the 2nd degree" to his list of charges.

He was attempting steal tires and rims from the home.

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