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Oklahomans could soon be charged monthly fee for solar panels, wind turbines

LAWTON, Okla._ The price could soon cost a little more for those who install energy-efficient devices at their homes.  

A new bill passed by the Oklahoma House and Senate proposes charging a monthly fee for those who install solar panels and wind turbines.

The incentives of going green will not be as enticing, no matter what the surcharge is for customers. Many companies who install the green technology say the bill has the potential to stunt future growth.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma, who supports the bill, says the new fee makes the cost of electricity fair for all paying electric customers.

“This just keeps our other customers and other electric utilities customers from paying for the people that decide to go with the alternative type of energy,” says Tim Hushbeck, community affairs director with PSO.

Hushbeck says current residential homes with energy-saving devices store energy that is then sold back to the electric company at a premium rate. Under the new proposed rules, a monthly fee will help compensate the electric company for the money being lost due to having to pay out that premium.

“After this bill is passed and has been signed then you get the true cost of what that energy is worth,” says Hushbeck.

The fee will only apply to those who install wind or solar technology after the bill is signed by the governor. The set price electric companies will charge, however, has not yet been decided.
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