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Jan Stratton inducted into Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla._Former 7News anchor, Jan Stratton, was honored with another prestigious award Thursday.

Jan was inducted to the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame during a ceremony Thursday afternoon at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, along with eight other journalists.

“No one was more surprised about it more than me when I learned about it at the end of January but I feel so fortunate,” said Stratton.

It was a day to honor Jan and eight others for their accomplishments in journalism, but Jan humbly turned the subject from her achievements to offer another piece of advice to those who are training future journalists.

“Let them know it is OK to ruffle a few feathers when they are looking for the truth,” said Stratton. “What one of the fellow inductees said, without a free press we have nothing. There is not a free press around the world. We are very fortunate and we need to take advantage of it.”

Jan said her husband, Bill, helped her put the magnitude of her induction into perspective.

“He said to be honored by the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame was prestigious in that I’m not just a person sitting on an anchor desk with her hair combed and her make up on, that I was considered an honest-to-goodness journalist. That is huge,” said Stratton.

Drewry Broadcasting General Manager, Larry Patton, was also there for Jan’s induction.

“He’s not even my boss any more and he made the trip up here from Lawton. With out you hiring me back in 1980 I would not be here today. Thank you very much,” said Stratton thankfully.

Patton said that Jan’s speech brought back old memories of her on the desk.

“If you noticed when she came up there to give her speech the room just kind of came alive. She’s a very talented person, still able to make a speech, make a delivery, still able to move people,” said Patton.

“A speech is like a women’s skirt, it needs to be long enough to cover the subject matter, but short enough to hold the audience’s attention. Kind of like a good news story right,” said Stratton during her speech.

At the end of the day it was a chance to look back at Jan’s career on and off the desk.

“She trained a lot of people, planted a lot of seeds. She was a Johnny Appleseed of talent really,” said Patton.

“I hope to have another 34 years doing something, that’s wishful thinking. You never know,” said Stratton.

From all of us at KSWO we would like to congratulate you Jan on another honor in your career.

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