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Farmers and ranchers meet candidates for Districts 62, 63, and 65

LAWTON, Okla._A crowd of more than 200 people gathered  in Lawton for a forum with the candidates running for districts 62, 63, and 65 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.  

The forum was hosted by the Comanche County Farm Bureau, and many of those in attendance Thursday, are heavily involved in agriculture.  They want to make sure the candidates realize the actions they take that impact farmers and ranchers ultimately reach the entire state.  

"They can affect our way of life  and when they do that it can have an effect on the food and fiber that's provided to everybody," said Kerry Givens, president of the Comanche County Farm Bureau. 

"There's not that many people that can make a living on farming and ranching.  Most of them have jobs in town or maybe their kids moved to town, so a lot of the state legislators and representatives and senators come from urban areas and have less of a feel for what's happening out in the country with farmers and ranchers," said Charlie Swanson, president of the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association. 
There will be new lawmakers in all three districts represented in Thursday's meeting. Both Don Armes and Joe Dorman have reached their term limits, and T.W. Shannon chose to run for the U.S. senate.
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