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Five hundred soldiers makeover twenty-eight homes

LAWTON, Okla._Over 500 soldiers from Fort Sill turned out Friday morning to give 28 Lawton homes a makeover.

It's called “Fresh Paint Friday” and it's aimed at beautifying the Lawton-Fort Sill community by repainting all of them in a single day. All of the homes selected are owned by people who are either elderly or disabled and wanted their homes to look nicer, but simply weren't physically able to do it on their own.

Regardless of what some people may think about Lawton, there are still people that care about the people that live here. The support those families received from the makeovers really did change their lives.

"It really means a lot, all these people caring," said Edith Kelly, one of the homeowners who received the makeover.

Kelly was awakened early Friday morning but she didn't mind.

"Well I saw all the cars in the street. I thought oh my goodness I got a convention starting on with me over here," said Kelly.

While it wasn’t exactly a convention, a bunch of excited soldiers were ready to get their paint on. Trying to take houses that were a little rundown and starting to show a bit of aging and give them a face lift that included scraping off the old paint and putting on a new coat. It was a Lawton version of Extreme Home Makeover.

The work meant the world to the recipients and the soldiers as well.

"It's not always about going downrange and doing that, it's about helping out the communities we are in. Trying to make the United States be what it can really be. Try to make it a better place for everybody," said Private Scott McCloud.

The volunteers really answered the prayers of several home owners.

"They just couldn't physically do it anymore, and some of them couldn't afford to do it. We had a great response, people are so excited. It's something they have been dreaming about for years," said Councilman Jay Burk.

Well those dreams became blessings for those elderly and disabled people.

"To know that there are people that care...that really care for the older people in the world," said Kelly.

That's really what today was all about, getting out into the community and making a real difference in people's lives. A fresh coat of paint brought a fresh glimmer of promise to some, if not all, of those families.

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