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Cameron ROTC experience annual "Meat Burn"

LAWTON, Okla._Cameron University ROTC cadets bonded over barbecue during Friday's Meat Burn.

It's recently become an annual event for the cadets put on by two veterans who say they're just giving back to younger versions of themselves. These two veterans were college roommates before they both served in Vietnam, but one was in the Army and the other in the Air Force. They were reunited just two years ago when a fellow veteran brought them together to “burn the meat” and it's something they've been doing ever since.

The term “burning the meat” came from Mike "Loadhacker" Sloniker. He says at a church he used to go to, the only way to get the men there was to burn meat.

"If you burned meat, the men would show up. And this was a Saturday morning men's group and every time we burned the meat, there would be a lot of them. So that's why it's called a meat burn," explained Sloniker.

Sloniker and his old roommate Bill "Shortfinger" Schwertfeger, said that meat burns are all about giving back.

"The joy that I get in my heart after seeing what we can do for these kids and then looking in their eyes and seeing that light go click," said Schwertfeger.

Senior cadet, Colten Kennedy, says this is a great way for them to meet veterans and hear their experiences.

"It means a lot to the cadets because these are gentlemen, former soldiers and airmen that have gone on before us and are coming back to help pick up the next generation and show their support for us," said Kennedy.

Sloniker says they don't just stop at giving cadets a good meal they also seek out things they need like their service uniforms that cost $500.

"At the end of four years of college, you may not have a job but after four years of ROTC you will have a job. It could be active, reserve or air National Guard. And for them to put the cloth of the United States of America on is very meaningful to us," said Sloniker.

Sloniker says even though they are both on fixed incomes they want to do what they can to give back because these young cadets are our future. The meat burns aren't just at Cameron; they have them for other ROTC cadets across the state and in Kansas.

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