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Bomb threat turns out to be fireworks

LAWTON, Okla._Imagine walking with your family when you seeing something that looks like a bomb. It's a scary scenario that played out Sunday in Lawton.

Glenn Todd was doing just that when he came across something that looked strange and decided to take a closer look. Once he was closer, he found what looked like a bomb and called the police.

"We don't find nothing like that around here very often," said Todd. "It was about 10 inches, round, a 3 to four inch tail pipe with a Maglite stuck in and a leather glove wrapped around the Maglite to keep it in there. And it had two round, about tennis ball size, explosive charges in it with about a 10 inch green fuse."

He went to investigate the weird device lying on the ground, he even picked it up. When he picked it up part of the device slid out, causing him to report a possible bomb to the police.

"They had me show them where it was and look at it, and they made everyone get away and waited for EOD to show up and when EOD showed up they evacuated the area and made everybody leave,” said Todd.

It turns out that it wasn't a bomb. Just some mortar type fireworks you would see at many 4th of July BBQ’s.

They usually come with a cardboard tube to fire the firework out of. Once that is damaged, some people come up with other tubes to launch the firework. That is exactly what someone tried to do.

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