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Medicine Park fence has a less than friendly message

MEDICINE PARK, Okla._Is it free speech or is it just plain offensive? That's the debate in Medicine Park as one resident's sign is turning heads and sparking all kinds of conversation.

Located on East Lake Road near highway 49, the sign sits on a busy thoroughfare that paves the way to the tourist destination. Obviously, the giant red words are all the buzz in town, there are several people in town whose reactions range from surprise to shock to even anger. Police have been notified, but the sign isn't going anywhere for the time being.

This small town nestled next to the Wichita Mountains has had its fair share of the quirky, the funky, and even the offbeat. But now some folks who call this place home are saying one of their own has gone too far.

"I'm not exactly sure what he's doing or what he was thinking when he put the sign up, or who it's even directed at, it's just something this town doesn't need," said Charles Callich, a business owner in Medicine Park.

The sign’s message has kept local law enforcement fairly busy with the phone calls about it.

"I was notified by our city clerk that she received about twelve-thirteen phone calls all before 10 o clock,” said Police Chief Tom Adrahtas.

But Chief Adrahtas says there's nothing he can do, the sign is outside of his jurisdiction so the Comanche County Sheriff's Department says they'll investigate but not all residents are totally opposed to the message.

"It brings the image of the old days. Back when Medicine Park was thought of an outlaw town. And as far as I know, the gentleman with the sign is from those days. You know, the word is not the best but he has thoughts and he has feelings and he is expressing those and it's on his property," said Genny Sahler, a resident of Medicine Park.

"There's gotta be a limit to what you can say or do especially when it has an effect on so many other people," said Callich

The Comanche County Sheriff's Department says county residents are free to do as they please on their property. But there are always exceptions to the rule and with a major road and the reason for the multiple complaints; the department says they'll make that consideration within their investigation.

No word yet on when sheriff's deputies plan to have that investigation complete.

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