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War movie highlights reality of the front lines

LAWTON, Okla._ The war in Afghanistan serves as the backdrop of a new movie that aims to shine light on the lives of deployed American soldiers, and about 50 people took advantage of a free pre-screening Tuesday night.

The Hornet’s Nest is told through the narrative of two journalists, father and son, who are trying to reconnect while being surrounded by gunfire and roadside bombings.

“It’s what you haven't seen about the war in Afghanistan,” says Mike Boettcher, a veteran network foreign affairs correspondent.

Boettcher has reported from battlegrounds for decades, constantly on the road away from his son, Carlos.

“He hated this business, because it took his dad away from him,” says Boettcher.

Wanting to know what drove his dad to tell stories from around the globe, Carlos Boettcher joined his father for a two-year journey embedded among three military units.

“It’s about my son and I reconnecting with the backdrop of a bunch of other fathers and sons who are in uniform, and mothers and daughters who are out there fighting,” says Boettcher.

At the core of the movie, however, are the stories and real-life missions of soldiers and marines.

“We were supposed to go into a valley and look for a high level target and either kill or capture him and destroy his network," says SFC Kellis Richardson, who is now stationed at Ft. Sill, but spent nearly 10 years with the 101st Airborne. “So you land on the mountaintop in complete darkness and then go for nine days."

It was a nine-day mission through rugged terrain in a gun fight with more than 500 Taliban.

“We stirred the hornet’s nest,” says Boettcher.

Mike and Carlos Boettcher, armed only with their cameras, were there to film the brotherhood and the soldiers’ strengthened bond when some of their own lost their lives fighting so hard.

“I had never, ever, lost a soldier in four years,” says Richardson. “And I never thought it would happen, but I didn't really think it wouldn't happen."

Boettcher hopes movie-goers form a deeper appreciation for those who have fought and those currently serving our country.

“The next time that you see a serviceman or women somewhere, and you go up and say 'thank you for your service,’ now I want you to know what you are thanking them for. This film explains that, and instead of just thanking them you'll want to hug them."

The Hornet’s Nest officially premieres in Lawton May 16 and opens in theaters nationwide May 23.

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