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Timeline of Lockett's execution

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MCALISTER, Okla._After Tuesday’s execution of Clayton Lockett didn’t occur as planned, multiple agencies have started working to figure out exactly what happened.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections has released a timeline detailing every interaction they had with Lockett on Tuesday.

5:06 A.M.-The Correctional Emergency Response Team arrived to escort Lockett from his cell to take a set of X-rays per execution protocol; Lockett refused and had to be restrained.

5:09 A.M.-The CERT team exited Lockett’s cell and prepared to use force when they returned.

5:50 A.M.-The CERT team returned with medical personnel and gave a verbal order for Lockett to be restrained. He refused once again and a Taser was used on him.

5:53 A.M.-Lockett was taken to a medical room where self-inflicted lacerations to his right arm were found. He was taken to a health care center at Oklahoma State Penitentiary.

6:35 A.M.-Lockett arrived at the health care center for treatment of the lacerations.

6:45 A.M.-Lockett was moved to an observation cell at the health care center. Three officers were assigned to continuously watch him until 5:19 P.M.

7:00 A.M. – 8:15 A.M. Lockett was checked on every 15 minutes by his cell watch team and medical personnel.

8:15 A.M.-A physician assistant determined that Lockett did not need sutures for his arm.

8:40 A.M.-Lockett was returned to an observation cell.

8:50 A.M.-9:35 A.M.-Lockett was checked on every 15 minutes by the cell watch team.

9:15 A.M.-Lockett refused visits from his attorneys.

9:42 A.M.-Lockett was offered a tray of food and he denied it.

9:55 A.M.-10:45 A.M.-Lockett was checked on every 15 minutes by the cell watch team.

10:25 A.M.-Lockett confirmed his refusal to visit with his attorneys.

11:11 A.M.-Lockett was offered a tray of food which he denied.

11:35 A.M.-2:50 P.M.-Lockett was checked on every 15 minutes by the cell watch team.

3:10 P.M.-3:55 P.M.-Lockett was checked on every 15 minutes by the cell watch team.

4:10 P.M.-4:40 P.M.-A restraint team escorted Lockett from the holding cell to the shower, his final holding cell prior to execution.

4:55 P.M.-5:10 P.M.-Lockett visited with mental health personnel.

5:19 P.M.-Lockett was escorted from the shower to the execution chamber by Warden Trammel and the restraint team.

5:22 P.M.-Lockett was placed on the execution table and restrained.

5:27 P.M.-6:18 P.M.-A phlebotomist searched Lockett for an appropriate place to insert the IV. Both of Lockett’s arms, legs and feet were deemed to be non-viable insertion points. The neck was also checked before Lockett’s groin area was chosen for the IV insertion.

6:18 P.M.-The IV insertion was completed and a sheet was placed over it to prevent viewers from seeing Lockett’s groin.

6:20 P.M.-The phlebotomist left the execution chamber.

6:23 P.M.-Warden Trammel receives approval to proceed with the execution from Director Patton. The shades in the execution chamber were raised and Lockett was allowed to make a final statement which he declined. Warden Trammel begins the execution and Midazolam was administered intravenously.

6:30 P.M.-The doctor checked if Lockett was still conscious and found that he was.

6:33 P.M.-The doctor checked if Lockett was still conscious and found that he was not. Vecuronium bromide was then administered intravenously; potassium chloride was also administered intravenously.

6:42 P.M.-The shades were lowered and both the phlebotomist and the doctor checked the IV.

6:44 P.M.-6:56 P.M.-The doctor reported that the blood vein had collapsed and the administered drugs had either absorbed into the tissue, leaked out or both. Warden Trammel called the director immediately to report the findings. The director asked if enough of the drugs had been administered or if there was another vein available and enough of the drugs still remaining, both questions were answered with a “no” from the warden. Lockett was still unconscious but had a faint heartbeat.

6:56 P.M.-The director called off the execution under the authority granted by Governor Fallin.

7:06 P.M.-Lockett was pronounced dead.

The Director of Corrections is now asking for a full review of the state’s current execution protocol. Patton believes that decision making should not be up to the warden but instead it should be done by the director. He is also requesting an indefinite stay of execution while the review and/or revision is completed.

Director Patton also supports an external investigation into the circumstances surrounding Lockett’s execution.

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