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Christians carry cross in long distance mission

DUNCAN, Okla._ Drivers traveling along Highway 81 from Comanche to Duncan Thursday morning might have noticed a small group of Christians toting a large cross on wheels.

Members of the Solid Rock House of God, Wichita Falls, say they are working to bring awareness of God to teens and young adults one step at a time. The group is headed to Oklahoma City by way of their own two feet.

“The cross is nine feet by four feet, and it weighs about 90 pounds,” says Pastor David Sapata, who is leading the group on their spiritual journey. “Every one of us that are here today, we are called. It’s not something we just woke up one day and said 'we're going to do this,’ the lord called us to it."

They travel down busy streets and highways. 7News caught up with the crew in Duncan, but they started Monday morning 75 miles south in Wichita Falls.

“I was lying in bed and He tells me 'carry my cross' and I just laid there and He said again 'carry my cross’,” says Sapata.

Now, they are sporting reflective gear and toting around the large wooden cross and the Christian flag. They’re hoping kids realize they are loved.

“There’s people out there who care about them and want to give them the options and the opportunity to be able to have an option to get off the streets,” says Lola Baum.

All eight piled into their RV Thursday evening to gear up for Friday’s 15-mile trek. The walkers say their swollen feet and achy muscles are a small price to pay for the mission they are trying to accomplish.

“The pain we go through is nothing compared to what He went through for us,” says Jason Baum.

The Solid Rock House of God is scheduled to arrive in Oklahoma City on Tuesday to meet with church leaders there, as they seek donations to build a youth center near their church. For those wanting to donate to their cause, they can visit their Facebook page here.

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