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2nd Annual Technicolor Run

LAWTON, Okla_  Runners in their white t's and 80's themed attire took their mark Saturday morning in the 2nd Annual Technicolor Run.

Those white t's didn't stay white too long as the runners ran through color stations getting splattered with colored powder.

The 55Krace had 15,000 participants and organizers hope to raise $20,000 to go to the Comanche County Memorial Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

One of the 15,000 participants was our very own SkyWARN7 Meteorologist Zac Scott.

"I'm ready to go I feel good now!" Scott said.

You may have seen Zac all clean Saturday morning giving you your weather.

"I'm stretched, I'm loose, and I'm ready to go," Scott said.

But right after he and 15,000 others got all messy in this year's technicolor 5K.

"Some people would toss it softly, and others would just chunk it!  Especially the kids they had no idea, it gets in your mouth.  I had to wash my teeth out and everything," Scott said.

Zac had a friendly competition with his friend Ann Marie McAnelly on the 5K, and Zac barely came out on top, but we think Ann Marie was pulling up at the end to let him win.

"Yeah he had to keep his manhood card so I had to pull back a little bit. He was lagging behind,  I pulled the chain a couple times but he did all right," McAnelly said.

All jokes aside the two were excited about the color run because it was an event often seen in larger areas but instead was right here in Lawton.

"I just heard the color run is really fun.  5K's always fun.  So it was just really fun to come out and do something with the community," McAnelly said.

"It's good to be able to do something here in my own community instead of having to go to the bigger cities a lot of times, and do things there.  I don't mind helping anywhere, but it's good to be able to see our own people come out and do something in our own town," Scott said.

The two were also proud of how it helps raise money for a good cause all while also promoting fitness.
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