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Sterling firefighters continue to monitor weekend blaze

STERLING, Okla._Over 100 acres were burned near Sterling after a fire got out of control.

With the help of five fire departments, they were able to contain the blaze. Most of the land was in a creek bed which made it difficult to put out but luckily firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading to farmland and structures.

Bill Brittain was milking his cows Sunday afternoon when he noticed smoke coming up from the creek. He thought someone was probably just burning brush.

"And then it got to be a little more smoke and next thing I know, I look out while I'm milking and fire was coming up this creek pretty good and the fire departments were out here in my driveway," said Brittain. "It was a little spooky there for a while you know. So we moved cows around and my son got the tractor and started doing some disking."

Hot and windy conditions again on Monday meant the possibility of the blaze rekindling and that's why the Sterling Fire Department has been watching it all day.

"We have crews running chain saws, just cutting loose the trees that are loose and pulling them into the black, the burnt areas that's deeper in, to keep the wind from knocking embers into the grass. The greens that's not burnt yet," explained Jason Covington, Sterling Fire Chief.

This is only the beginning of a hot and probably dry summer so everyone needs to be aware of the conditions before burning anything outside.

"Be careful of what you're doing. Burning things; just monitor your winds and if you don't feel safe about it just really think about the dry conditions we're having," said Chief Covington.

Brittain says he was lucky to have only lost some hay in flames.

"We hadn't had any rain. We've been a drought for so long now,” said Brittain. “It's something you always keep your mind on because it's always dry. We get three-tenths and the wind blows fifty miles per hour and dries it all up."

The fire did rekindle late Sunday night but they were able to put it out. That's why the Sterling Fire Department will be out there monitoring it 24 hours a day until we either get rain or they feel confident that there will not be any flare ups.

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