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Armies from around the world preview the future of warfare

FORT SILL, Okla._The future of field artillery and air defense is the hot topic of discussion this weekend on Fort Sill.

The 2014 FIRES conference started Tuesday with more than 500 in attendance. Representatives from the U.S. Army, international armies, and defense contractors were there exchanging ideas on how to improve the future of warfare.

The discussions here on Tuesday and Wednesday may very well prove what the United States Army may be using in the future. Technology like this guided projectile from BAE systems; it can hit a target from over 70 miles away, to give you an idea, Wichita Falls is only 50 miles away from Lawton. Having defense contractors there on site allows input from soldiers to make better equipment.

"A lot of the students here at the field artillery school, a lot of the soldiers coming through and they will crawl all over the equipment and they have the opportunity to give us their opinion and then share some stories about the past of the old systems and how they are looking forward to the new," said Anthony Williams from BAE Systems.

Major General Mark McDonald agrees that planning for the future of warfare is a top priority.

"Because other people are thinking 10, 20 and 30 years down the road and we need to stay ahead of them,” explained Maj. Gen. McDonald. “We win because we have great soldiers, but our great soldiers are the best equipped in the battle field, so with that combination we are going to continue to win."

With the strong international presence at the conference, which included soldiers from Germany, Singapore, South Korea and Poland, there was a great exchange of ideas on the future of artillery and air defense.

"We will never fight alone,” said Maj. Gen. McDonald. “We will fight with our allies just like we have since World War I, and so for them to be here and share their information, share their ideas, it is invaluable."

It's the exchanging of ideas in the past that have led to the military equipment of today. With all of the technology on display both outside and inside the expo center, it's only a matter of time before we see this late, ground breaking technology on the battlefield.

The FIRES conference continues Wednesday with the leading research and developers from across the country presenting ideas for the future and solutions for the problems of today.

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