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Cameron students develop new work order system for the City of Lawton

LAWTON, Okla._Helping pave the way for the future of the City of Lawton is what one class at Cameron University has been working on all semester.

Those students were able to present their project to representatives from the City of Lawton as part of the final stage in the project. The Computing and Technology students created an integrated work order system for the city.

The project entailed making a program for the City of Lawton that will keep track of work orders. The city is currently using separate work order systems for several departments, such as IT, Parks and Recreation and Building Maintenance. The students' project will make keeping track of work order much easier for the city.

The class is designed to give students a real world feel and applicable job experience.

"It's nice to have the opportunity to work in a real job environment without risk of failure costing you your job and it gave us an opportunity to learn as we went along," said project lead, Shelly Hess.

That was the point of the project, to give students a one-of-a-kind experience that you can't get from a textbook or a lecture.

"In that real world work environment, you don't always have the opportunity to learn on the fly like we do here,” said Hess. “So I can take what I've learned in this class and apply it in the real world, to a job out there."

City of Lawton IT supervisor, Cindy Price, came to the class once a week to help guide the students with the project.

"They had a great amount of improvement along the way and this will work very well and functional for us," said Price.

The two teams handed over their projects to Price "as is" along with a manual that details all of the ins and outs of the work order system.

"We'll look at the two separate projects,” explained Price. “We'll look at the different features between the two that we prefer and combine them into one."

The client asked for a program that was really user friendly and both of the teams accomplished that task by making it so anyone could use the program.

"I'm very proud of my team and I'm very proud of the project it's self. The client has expressed that they're very happy with it. So I couldn't ask for a better outcome," said Hess.

For the students’ hard work, Price presented them with certificates of appreciation and letters of recommendation. Price says the new program should be up and running in a few months.

This was the second year the City of Lawton has teamed up with Cameron for their project. The last project was with the police department, creating a database to track gang members.

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