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Fort Sill names new Drill Sergeant of the Year

FORT SILL, Okla._Fort Sill's Drill Sergeant of the Year was announced Wednesday, Drill Sergeant Hultman was named Fort Sill’s top drill sergeant.

Staff Sergeant Lindsay Hultman competed for the honor against four others. Her next step is getting back to training because in just four months, she will be competing against drill sergeants from across the country for the national title.

She said it was just now starting to hit her, but when she was named Fort Sill Drill Sergeant of the Year you really didn't have to ask her how she felt; her face told us everything you needed to know.

"All this hard work that I've put in, not just for this competition, but for my whole career, it kind of all come together now and starting to payoff,” said Staff Sgt. Hultman. “It's just a great honor now to actually represent 434 and Fort Sill."

Staff Sgt. Hultman is originally from Minnesota, grew up in the suburbs, but looked up to her grandfather. He was in the military and she wanted to be too. Her family wasn't at Wednesday's ceremony, so she couldn't wait to get home and call them to let them know.

"I think they are going to be extremely happy because everything I do they're by my side cheering me on. So I think they are going to be extremely proud and happy for me," said Staff Sgt. Hultman.

Her unit was also extremely proud of her accomplishment. When she was announced as the winner, her battery began hissing like snakes. That's because she is a part of the Cobra Strike Battery and having them there to cheer her on was like having that family presence.

"It was great. I know they are all here to support me and cheer me on back here. I'm still part of the Charlie Battery 119, it’s nice," said Staff Sgt. Hultman.

Hultman was a very humble winner to say the least, just excited to represent Fort Sill. She also gave a lot of credit to her winning to the other four she competed against.

"I wouldn't be able to win with out them because each day we were pushing each other to do better,” said Staff Sgt. Hultman. “People were getting ill, some of us were hurting and everybody pushed each other to stay positive, stay motivated. We were able to keep each other laughing when the times were not so fun."

Her competition for TRADOC is similar to the one she had at Fort Sill. She'll be tested physically, mentally and also how she is as an instructor.

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