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5.4 Million dollars was awarded to Pampa ISD

Amarillo, TX -- Pampa ISD is getting ready to start some million dollar renovations.  

5.4 million dollars is the amount Pampa ISD was awarded from the SM Energy lease bonus-- which is money paid to the county from the oil companies for the right to drill. 

5.4 million dollars is the biggest check Pampa ISD has ever received.

"This was a significant payment obviously, and we were not accustomed to seeing checks that large written to Pampa ISD." says David Young, Superintendent of Pampa ISD

And now that money will be used to make improvements throughout the schools.  

Starting with the first project-- to renovate Lamar and Austin Elementary restrooms and make them disability compliant.

As for the high school-- the Mc Neely Fieldhouse where sports, testing, award assemblies and sometimes graduation ceremonies are held-- will also be made more ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant and  receive new bleachers, including chair backs for the home side.  

"It gives us a little bit more comfort for our fans, easier access and also where they can enjoy the games and contest a whole lot better." says Jene Suttle, Principal of Pampa High School

Coming into the gymnasium you may notice a long crack on the wall-- and that will also be fixed.

The superintendent of Pampa ISD says all of these improvements are only the beginning of many projects.

"Some of the other projects that we are planning to use some of this money towards, we are really in the planning phases of, some may occur, depending on where they occur, they may happen later in the school year or we may have to delay them until next summer." says Superintendent David Young

Renovations are expected to start as soon as the teachers and students are out for the summer-- and should be completed before the new school year.  
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