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Town of Morse builds new storm shelter to protect community

Morse, TX - The town of Morse will soon have a new place to protect their community during severe weather.   

The process to build a new storm shelter for their community started four years ago, and now, it's becoming a reality.

The current storm shelter in the town of Morse, is just not efficient.

"Right now when they blow the whistle or whatever, we have a basement here at the school and we are the community safe place," said Kent Hargis who is the Pringle-Morse CISD Superintendent.

But the basement is very small and there is not a way for them to get people who are disabled down the steep flight of stairs.

So with the help of an almost $600,000 FEMA Grant, an updated shelter is being constructed.

The new storm shelter is being built above ground and is protected on the outside by an eight inch thick concrete wall and surrounded by two inches of Styrofoam on either side for insulation.

Then inside they have another concrete wall which is six inches thick and protected by two inches of Styrofoam on either side as well.

"And then the roof is designed for a 100 pound LIVE load, it's also designed to be able to take the impact of a car or a bus or anything like that, that lands on it, so that it can withstand those types of forces," Mike King who is the project's Structural Engineer said.

The shelter will hold around 250 people, which will provide safety to the 130 children at the school along with the teachers, staff and anyone else who may need a place to go during a severe weather event.   

"The whole community can come in here and take shelter here instead of having to build one at their own house, and just have a place for the kids to go to during school if they need to have it there," said Sammy Britten who is the Co-Owner of Britten Construction.

"It's a huge deal for us, it's going to be great," Hargis said.

The shelter should be completed in the next week or so.
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