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More women are needed in the technical industry

Amarillo, TX - In an effort to find more women interested in the technical industry Amarillo College held a seminar.  

Well this year student technicians hosted the event, giving the women in attendance the chance to get their hands dirty.

A hands on seminar into technical careers gave women the opportunity to see what it's like in the industry field.  

"Right now there is a huge need for women in technical education, because as women, we pay attention to detail and you know there are certain things that men, they are capable of doing but sometimes we do them a little bit better," says Melodie Graves, Senior Advisor for Technician Education.
With more automobiles becoming smart-cars and technology rapidly developing, it pushes technicians to be more computer savvy and learn to do things the digital way.

The newest technology Sim Spray, help students perfect their painting techniques.

It's a new stimulator that came in about a month ago.  

"It just shows you how to paint because what they learned about painting is that a lot of it is like an art kind of, so how you sway your hands and everything is very important," says Graves.

Student technician Gabriela Valencia says she encourages more women to join the industry and for her, the passion to work on automobiles came easily.

"I like to build, I like to take things apart and learn how they work, you know, i'm not afraid of getting dirty," says Gabriela Valencia, Automotive Technician student.

So anything a man can do, A woman can too

This event was hosted for any woman in the community interested in technical careers.  

A woman in this industry can make up to $30 an hour depending on what job they do and where they are willing to go.  

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